Friday, August 17, 2007

Gun Guy

I'm officially the "gun guy" in the social circles one could consider me a part of. When people talk about guns, my name comes up. And when they talk about me, guns come up. Some bring up my guns with disgust, others with envy, but I am always linked to them. I'm not sure I like this, for several reasons.

Sometimes, people develop an impression of me long before they actually meet me. I met some folks about a week ago who immediately said that "I was just like they'd been told." They were referring to the gun on my hip, but I don't like it when they figure I'm exactly what they expected before I even say anything. They had not formed a negative opinion about it, but it annoyed me.

Some people also think that I'll provide their defense for them. After I explained that OC was legal, a neighbor said something about being safe with me around. This false sense of security is unfair to both of us. He feels safer, and I'm being told that his safety is provided by my gun. Of course, I think there are several people who already assume they can bunker down with me if any proverbial feces hits the proverbial oscillator. They figure I'll arm them and help protect them out of the goodness in my heart. If the fit hits the shan, I'll bunker with other folks who are useful, not those who are only a burden.

The ones that dislike me for my guns don't really bother me, unless they talk crap behind my back. If you're honest about not liking my guns, at least I know where we stand. It's much easier that way.

I still don't get how I acquired this reputation so thoroughly. I don't have a huge gun collection(sadly), though some assume I do. I watch movies, play video games, play nerd games (RP), and can hold my own in conversations about religion, politics, quantum physics, biology, philosophy, or a hell of a lot of other subjects. But no, they focus on my arguments against gungrabbers.

Ah, well, I guess there are worse things to be than the gun guy. At least it's better than when I was the techie. A lot fewer people come to me with gun problems than did with computer problems.

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