Friday, August 24, 2007

First gun shop to tell me not to OC...

Not too long ago, I posted about a retired cop who works in Larry's Guns, among other things. I said that I had OCed into Larry's before and would again. I did OC in there again, and have found that I won't be frequenting Larry's from now on.

I went in to see if he had decided not to post the flier for August 28th, or if perhaps he had forgotten. Before I could ask him, he spotted my gun.
He pointed at it and grunted, "You law enforcement?"
"No, sir," I replied.
"Then you can't carry like that."
"Well, you're aware open carry is legal, right?"
"Yeah, but not in MY store. Freaks out the customers. Get it out of here," he replied with typical Larry posturing.
"Alright, I'll go elsewhere."
"Have a nice life," he grunted as I left.
Oddly enough, Larry's wife seemed shocked by the entire exchange, though she didn't speak. I think she knew that Larry had just chased off a regular, but also knew there was little she could do about it.

It's too bad he was so willing to send me packing. He has one of the better selections of used guns in the area. Not the best customer service skills, nor the most knowledgeable employees, but several used guns, some of which are available at fair prices. I had liked to support his store despite the fact that I can get ammo and new guns cheaper at the big box retailers, but those days are over.

It's also odd that an off-duty cop dressed exactly like me would be able to OC without scaring the customers. Last time I checked, they look exactly like us mere mortals, but with more special privileges.

Several of you fine readers probably don't see any problem with being unable to OC into Larry's, but I won't be supporting him. Perhaps he would still have my business if he had been a little more reasonable about discussing his policy, but I won't be in there again. I don't hold it against anyone who chooses to go in there, of course, though I'll obviously discourage it.

If anyone is from around here, Larry's Guns is located in Olympia, WA.


Hammer said...

Typical elitist. You'd think as hard as gunshops have it, he would have a sign on the front door and maybe be more polite.

Some of the gunshops around here post a big sign that reads " All firearms must be unloaded, with bolt locked open.

CCW doesn't have to worry because they aren't supposed to know about it anyway.

I know there are some yahoos out there that walk into gunshops with loaded rifles carrying them with their finger on the trigger, but those idiots can be dealt with as needed without insulting decent folks that may "scare" the clientele with open carry.

Porcupine Nine said...

It scares the customers in a gun shop? I can't imagine that. Seems to me that gun buyers would typically be pro-gun.

And, of course, I suppose that if you had been a cop (obviously not with badge showing, or else he would not have asked), it would not have freaked anyone out?

It's sad to see someone whose livelihood depends on the right to keep and bear arms being part of the problem. He should welcome people gutsy enough to open carry-- it is not shameful to carry, and seeing a normal guy doing normal things while armed helps educate the hand-wringers.

We don't defeat the ideology of "guns are evil scary things" by kow-towing to those people who openly carried guns scare. Eventually, if they see it enough times, they will stop being scared.

All of the clerks at gun shops around here carry openly. The gun shops I go to here have policies that allow open or concealed carry by patrons as long as loaded guns are not unholstered; guns to be handled should have actions opened before entering the store. They have reported in the paper that there have not been problems with such a policy.

Drew said...

Most gun shops around here have a similar policy of open action if it's going to leave the holster. Larry, though, is a crotchety old curmudgeon who likes having his word as law in his store.

Anonymous said...

Late response, but I searched for Larry's after going into their store myself. Interesting to note that 2 of Larry's employees were OC'g when I went in.
I was looking to buy my first handgun. I'll just say, I spoke with Larry, and ended up buying somewhere else.
So if the employees OC, how is that more or less "scary" than customers? A visible gun is a visible gun, on either side of he counter.

Anonymous said...

I was in the store when that happened.
You were a dick thats why he kicked you out.
Larry was a grump but RESPECTED the open carry law.
That he showed by supporting hes staff OC on and off duty.
Many times over the years people come in Larrys OC and he never said anything.
There is two sides to every story. And you are not telling the other side.

Drew said...

Actually, unless you are Larry or his wife, you weren't in the store that day. They were the only ones in there, and I was browsing nonchalantly.
His wife didn't say anything bad about it, but he was in a bad mood that day, I suppose.
I don't know what you saw, when you saw it, or why you think it was me, but it wasn't me you saw being a jerk. Heck, I'd bought from Larry several times in the past, sometimes open carrying when I did so, so I know that he didn't always say not to OC.

Anonymous said...

This is CaptHowdy just saying that the anonymous guy hardly sounds credible. In fact i wouldn't be surprised if it was just some loyal customer making up farce to cover for larry's horrible customer service. I hate to be rude but we all know larry's an A-hole so quit kidding yourself.

Anonymous said...

My Larry's Guns story. I shoped around a bit and found what I wanted at Larry's. Each time I entered the store I was greeted in turn and had informative conversations with the staff, including Larry. Keep in mind my purchase took me several weeks and as many trips into the store. Each time my questions were answered and I felt well trated in the store. I did see customers that were OC on at least one visit.

After purchasing my pistol, and needing some follow up advice about my purchase, I returned to the store with the gun and first entered the store and asked if they had a policy about entering with the pistol. I was told it was fine to bring it in, which I did.

Seeing how some stores ( like cabelas ) have very strict rules, I figured why not ask first?

I have enjoyed doing business at Larry's and will continue to do so.

Sorry the poster of this had such a bad time. Who knows, maybe Larry was just having a bad day...? Know I have my share...