Friday, August 10, 2007

A few notes

Okay, I'm tired of people just not getting it.

Semiautomatic, while a scary word to some, merely means that it fires one time per trigger pull. It is not illegal. In fact, semiautomatics are extremely common. That gun on the police officer's hip? It's semi-auto. The one on my hip? Also semi-auto. Most weapons carried for personal defense are semi-auto.

Unregistered guns sound scary. But we aren't required to register guns in this country.

One is not licensed to own a gun in most states. One may or may not be licensed to carry a concealed weapon, but this does not apply inside one's own home.

High-capacity magazines are not illegal, nor are they a feature of a particular firearm. Many, many firearms can accept high-cap mags of some sort. "Capable of accepting a high-capacity magazine" is hardly relevant.

High-powered rifles are not actually ever defined by anyone, it seems. Most rifles are high-powered, according to most definitions. My .30-06 and a Barrett .50 are both considered "high-powered," though there is a vast difference between the two.

Assault weapons are anything scary-looking. And a lot of things that aren't. There was a time that assault weapons were select-fire, but that is long past, I guess. With a different stock, my hunting rifle goes from Granddad's deer rifle to evil assault weapon, just based on appearance.

I know that these things have been explained many times, but the media, the public, and journalists are all in the dark, it seems.

I mostly wrote this because I've been watching a show called Burn Notice. It's about an out-of-work spy. It's funny, and I enjoy it, but they really try to pretend to know weapons.
"These are some serious guys; he has a Desert Eagle 9mm with combat grips." (I think I may have seen a Baby Eagle a little later, but it's still an odd statement)
"You have any guns in the trunk?" "A few semiautomatics." "What? You're driving a stolen car with unregistered guns in the trunk?" "I got a deal: some Browning 9mms for $200 a piece."
"For homemade explosives, the main ingredient is styrofoam." (This one was supposed to be a firebomb, which would have made this technically alright, since there are recipes that call for a lot of styrofoam...but the explosion was really Hollywood for anything like the concoction they created.)

There are a lot of other quotes that make the gun-runner of the show hard to believe, but it's just always annoying that they do so little research. I know it's a comedy, so they don't take it seriously, but it gets on my nerves a bit.

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AlanDP said...

"Monk" plays fast & loose with facts, too, and not just on guns. Although I still enjoy watching it.

Last night they called some pistol a Glock when it was painfully obvious it was nothing like a Glock.

Another big one was when some guy made a truck's brakes fail by cutting the air lines. Exactly wrong. Cutting the air hoses will cause the brakes to lock shut, and the truck ain't going anywhere.