Thursday, August 30, 2007


I have been criticized in certain circles for my choice not to patronize Larry's Guns (less relevant is this post). People point out that it's his property and that he is, by default, pro-gun. Those people forget that it's my money and that profiting from guns does not make one pro-gun.

Yes, property rights are important. Unless Larry changes his policy, I won't go back there. I therefore am not restricting his property rights at all. So let's leave that part out of the equation. I'm not planning on interfering with his property rights in the least.

Let's examine the statement that Larry is pro-gun and an ally. Yes, Larry does stand to lose his business if guns are ever banned. But that doesn't look likely, especially not anytime soon. Larry is not a young man, so he can probably safely guess that he'll never have to worry about an outright ban on guns. Would he lose money if certain guns were banned? That's hard to say. On the one hand, he could lose a chunk of his business, but there's always a question of how much of that would transfer to other gun types. And, of course, any time a ban goes into effect, his merchandise that will be affected has just had its value skyrocket.

Do I know that Larry is pro-gun? No. I don't know that he isn't, either. I know that he wouldn't like them all to be banned tomorrow, but I cannot verify his feelings toward restrictions of other sorts. I do, however, have an idea on his feelings about my choice of carry method. While he and his staff openly carry, he doesn't allow anyone who isn't law enforcement come in to browse/buy with a visible gun. This indicates to me that he would be willing to throw those of us who choose to open carry under the proverbial bus.

Any time someone to profit off my rights if they won't respect them completely. This isn't much different from hunters being willing to disown those of us who choose "non-sporting" arms. Zumbo still remembers how much it hurts to sell one group down the river. Some tell me not to be so quick to avoid Larry, but what sort of "experts" do the anti-gun folks love to trot out for the public? Gun owners, especially those who seem to have a lot of sway. A gun shop owner, then, is the sort of "expert" that can let them say that "rational" gun owners don't carry openly. By being against one form of carry, he is giving ground to the enemy. If we want to keep our freedoms, we need to defend them and attempt to gain ground, not choose the ground we'll give up.

I certainly won't pay for him to give up my rights. Every inch of my ground someone else gives up is a foot too far.


Hammer said...

People keep accusing people who boycott things they don't agree with as censorship or denial of rights.

Only an authority can do that.

From reading your precvious post it seems that Larry is an opprotunist who would would be just as happy selling to police and security companies.

He is not pro gun or pro gun rights.

Drew said...

Glad you see it that way, too. I'm fairly certain Larry would be extremely happy not having customers if he still made enough to live on.