Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I always find myself a bit annoyed by people who make assumptions about me when they discover that I'm *gasp* a conservative of some sort. They assume that all gun-toting conservatives are out to destroy the environment, throw dissenters into Gitmo, put women into the kitchen, make sure whites are more successful, make everyone Christian, and just be jerks.

I value the Constitution. Not just the second and fourth amendments. If you want to tell everyone what you believe, don't tell me I'm stopping you by telling everyone what I believe. If you happen to have a recording contract, don't call it censorship if I refuse to buy your CD. If you want to preach Mormonism at me, don't be alarmed if I start pointing out what I know about it.

Am I worried about global warming? No. I don't buy into the BS that doesn't account for the additional amount of CO2 the ocean could easily offset should it raise even an inch; doesn't factor in the possibility that the sun's activity might be a large factor; and ignores the medieval warm period. Does that mean I want to pave the world? Of course not. I care about keeping the environment clean, but I don't buy the apocolyptic hype some folks spew. And I sure as hell don't think the government is going to be able to solve anything.

The whole idea that conservatives are racists or chauvinists is beyond me. Racism is setting up a system that gives extra benefits to certain chosen races (see also: affirmative action and quota systems). And chauvinism is a bizarre charge to level. Like the racism accusations, there's really no grounds to say that conservatives are anti-women. In fact, we're the ones who want women and minorities armed. That should show how we feel about letting people defend their own rights and lives.

Now, you may hear that we conservatives eat puppies and kittens. This may be accurate, given the health records of one of the restaurants I've dined at previously. But I assure you, I did not set out to eat them until I realized they were delicious.

If you want to know how I feel about gay marriage, that's easy. I don't want the government issuing any marriage licenses. Marriage should be an institution of the church. Civil unions can be the business of the state, and involved with most marriages.

Marijuana? Well, I'm not one to tell people what to put into their own bodies. Of course, legalizing all drugs isn't the goal of marijuana advocates, but they can learn to live with it.

Abortion is a trickier one. I don't like to tell people what to do with their bodies, but I also don't like them ending a life. How hard is it to use protection? Since we currently consider the murder of a pregnant woman a double homicide, I have to think we legally consider a fetus alive. We don't condone murder. If you'd like to figure something out, you can try.

There are so many other issues that people think might define me. Let me make it simple: I worry most about my right to bear arms. Second is any other kind of government intrusion (high taxes, warrantless searches, etc.). I want small government that pretty much stays out of my life. I know several of my readers feel the same, but I also know that there are many people out there that want the government to throw money at fix all sorts of problems. It doesn't work, and it's not worth giving up freedom for.

I know there are other breeds of conservative out there. But we aren't the evil monsters some make us out to be. We don't want to censor you, even if your diatribe is counterproductive. We don't want to get rid of your religion, but we sure as hell don't want your religion getting rid of ours. I could go on, but I had a long night at work.

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Hammer said...

We are on the same page.

I'm of the mindset of do what you want but just don't do it in my yard.

The government needs to get out of the nanny business.