Saturday, July 28, 2007


"There ain't no good guys and there ain't no bad guys. There's only you and me, and we just disagree." These lyrics seem nice at first glance. Hell, I like the song. Problem is that it isn't so simple. Billy Dean knew that when he sang the song.

The problem is that people like to tell me that we just have a difference in opinion. There are anti-gunners who tell me that they respect my opinion, but they disagree. These same people fight to get guns banned. You cannot respect my opinion and yet legislate against it. If you respect my opinion, you admit that it is valid. If you legislate against it, you are declaring it invalid.

True respect is found in honest debate. If you actually respect my opinion, you don't walk away and try to erase it. You are welcome to attempt to show the superiority you obviously believe is in your opinion.

Funny thing about gun laws is that I don't force anyone to carry a gun. Gun grabbers, though, attempt to keep me from carrying one, owning one, or handling one. I'm willing to respect your right to remain unarmed. Please respect my right to be armed.

It is impossible to truly compromise in gun control. We are constantly asked to allow "reasonable restrictions." There's a problem: only one side gives. You take away some of my freedom, and you give up nothing. Next time there's a "compromise" idea, I'm suggesting that everyone be required to own a minimum number of guns (which would vary in relation to the extent of the restrictions--there might be something about carrying a gun, too...and education is a must). If I have to give up some of my right to bear arms, you have to give up some of your right to be unarmed. Of course, I'll still demand repeal of the existing gun laws, since none of them included such reasonable compromises.


AlanDP said...

I've been thinking about that song this week, too, in pretty much the same context.

Drew said...

Funny how that sort of thing happens sometimes, isn't it?
One could say something along the lines of "great minds think alike." I wouldn't, but that's just because I've had my mind for a good while now, and I'm fairly certain I would've figured out if it was great.