Sunday, July 29, 2007

Headphones and whatnot

The more I see of the fancy headphones with noise cancellation and whatever else, the more I dislike the fact that they are becoming more prevalent. Don't get me wrong, I like gadgets and whatnot...I just don't like the ones that put people even further into their own little worlds.

As most of my readers know, one major key to survival is attentiveness. Technology and attitudes that keep people from observing the world around them helps render those same people helpless. And I don't just mean self-defense. Our society encourages people to put a big cushy barrier between themselves and the world. Is it any wonder people don't recognize when they give up their rights? But they don't care. It doesn't concern them until it actually pierces the world they find in their Ipods, DVDs, and video games. Warrantless searches don't take the entertainment. Guns don't power gadgets.

Don't get me wrong...I listen to music, play video games, and watch movies. I just make sure they don't keep me from paying attention. I don't blast my ears with music...I keep it at a volume that allows me to hear my own soft footsteps. I don't avoid finding out what's going on in the world by constantly indulging in entertainment. In short, I watch and listen to the world around me. Inattentiveness creates victims, be they victims of violence, politics, or simply their own mistakes.

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