Sunday, July 22, 2007


After a long night at work, I wasn't too tired...until my relief insisted on talking to me about things such as concealed carry permits. It was one of the most tiring conversations ever. He's all for jumping through hoops whenever the government says, keeping freed men disarmed long after they've paid their debt to society, and cooperating with the government should they compensate him for his guns. He's also pro-D.C. bans...

The most painful part, to me, was that he couldn't get it through his head that the citizenry can't prevent tyranny by complying with it. I told him that there are enough gun owners who wouldn't give in to make them give up. He said that the politicians wouldn't give up. I explained that it'll be really difficult for the politicians to get them when the police and military have written off the endeavor. And I really don't think a politician is going to come after them itself.

Of course, trying to explain my reasoning behind arming anyone who is free was pretty painful, too. I eventually had to leave, since he kept saying that he didn't care if people had paid their debt, they should never get their rights back. And he kept getting louder, as though it was a new counterpoint each decibel.

On the plus side, while I was working, I talked to a guy who mostly wanted to know which candidate I was backing. We talked at length, and he was willing to listen to reason on guns, affirmative action, states' rights, and various other subjects. I guess it's some sort of karmic balance or something.

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AlanDP said...

I pretty much just shy away from political talk with co-workers, because the vast majority of them are clueless but their opinions are graven in stone so it's no use trying to talk to them.

And at my previous job, I had to work with a guy who was both a global warming Gore-ophile and a 9/11 Truther.

He was perfectly rational unless you got onto one of those two subjects, and then he immediately went stark raving insane.