Tuesday, July 24, 2007

BATFU visits

Well, I haven't had a DOJ visit for several posts. Others, though, have been logging a lot of visits. This ATF intimidation is blatant. It would not be difficult to hide the source of the visits if they were just trying to quietly observe. The goal, of course, is not to observe, but to make their presence known. They want to keep us from pointing out the abuse they've been piling onto Red's Trading Post. They want us to avoid telling people that Wayne Fincher is not guilty of breaking a single law that could pass constitutional muster. They want us to keep quiet about illegal raids, unnecessary violence, theft, and vandalism they actively heap onto undeserving citizens. In short, they want us to accept their horrible regime.
For the most part, there is likely very little actually being read. Much of this is probably done through automated means, merely to scare people with their visits. I'm sure actual agents read posts that bring up a lot of flags, but they aren't scared of what we say. They're scared BECAUSE we say things about them. You see, the thugs agents over there aren't used to oversight. They don't like an audience, for the most part. They especially don't like the ever-growing audience that would like to cancel all future performances. After all, harassment, intimidation, and tyranny won't pay too well anywhere in the private sector, so there's not a lot of work out there for the BATFU.
Fellow bloggers, keep writing. It's obviously working well enough to scare them.

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