Monday, June 11, 2007

Reasoning with a troll

I generally don't feed trolls, but I figured I could respond to a recent one. He/she/it strongly implied that I might be an insane individual with a firearm.
I won't try to argue the point. After all, a sociopath is hardly sane, but would argue quite eloquently that he is. Believe what you'd like about my sanity.
The idea we must consider here, in my opinion, is the rational response to the possibility of dangerous and unstable insane individuals. Some argue for disarmament because some unstable individuals are able to acquire weapons.
If they are truly a danger to society, they will be a danger with any tools at their disposal. Laws will not limit their choices in many cases, but even if we could somehow get rid of guns altogether, they'll still be dangerous with knives, axes, household chemicals, and automobiles.
The rational response is to attempt to separate those who are potentially dangerous until they can be determined safe to release. Since one can't expect 100% success in that endeavor, there must be a system in place to protect individuals from each other. The most effective way to protect yourself from dangerous people is to use the best means of self-defense available. A handgun is perfectly appropriate.
The anonymous commenter knows I'm armed. He/she/it may believe I am mentally unstable. If this is a scary prospect, he/she/it should then level the playing field, so to speak. Of course, I am applying reason to a situation that most anti-gunners love to cloud with emotion.


Hammer said...

I agree completely.

Anti gunners don't trust themselves with guns due to their fears and instability and project that on everyone else.

Anonymous said...

You are beginning to reason with me. The more I read and understand about you and your positions I realize how much these issues define you. Carrying a gun gives you a sense of power and control. I think that as humans we try to never feel like we are not in control. Whether it be financial, or emotional, or whatever, we crave personal control. For you, this is one way you for you to exercise that need for control. It may give you a sense of a specific purpose that someone like myself doesn't have when they walk out the door in the morning. I don't expect everyone else to follow my belief system and I have to remember that. While I don't agree with most of what you say, at least you have an opinion. Most people are so apathetic it's sickening and I think that's probably something we can both agree upon. Or am I just way off all around? You tell me.

Drew said...

You are correct in your assessment of my view of human apathy. You did, however miss the complete lack of personal responsibility and the sense of entitlement that run rampant in today's society.
I would disagree with your position that my gun gives me a sense of power and control. I carry a gun because I cannot expect others to take care of my needs. It is selfish and unreasonable to believe that the police, my fellow citizens, or the military should protect me at all times. Sure, it may impart a sense of control, since I'm taking responsibility for my own safety, but it isn't about power. I don't carry a gun because I want to, but because I should not rely on someone else to carry one for me.