Thursday, June 14, 2007

NRA helps expand NICS

The NRA will crow about how they "fixed" the expansion of NICS. They will tell you that it only keeps people who shouldn't have guns from having them. And, most of all, they will tell you that you should trust the bill because they are defending your rights.

If you can manage to spread some of that on your garden, it should grow pretty well. The NICS system is already a travesty. If you can be allowed to walk free without constant supervision, you should be allowed to purchase a firearm. And there should be no paperwork fed through any federal databases. Ron Paul accurately described the bill as "a flagrantly unconstitutional expansion of restriction on the exercise of the right to bear arms protected under the 2nd Amendment." And you can bet the NRA will tell you he's the bad guy here.

The next time you hear about a gun bill that the NRA backs, check to see if it repeals one or more of our existing gun laws. If it does not, you can bet that the NRA is selling us out again.

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