Monday, May 28, 2007

Yet another willing sheep...

It's sometimes funny to talk to some of the folks who don't really like guns. I was in a wedding this weekend and one of the other groomsmen was very interested in my guns.
"How many guns do you have now?" "You carry?! Have you ever needed to use it? Yeah, I didn't think so." "Hey, look at that bird--go get a gun, Drew." "You don't have a rifle in your car today?" "Look, no weapons allowed in the hall." There were a lot of other statements and questions like this, right up until he said it was creepy how much I talked about my guns (of course, all my talk of guns was in response to things he said, but he wasn't going to let facts stand in the way).
I wasn't carrying for the bachelor party, rehearsal dinner, or wedding. This was mostly because both the bride and groom fear guns. Also, the bachelor party was at a bar, and I thought we might hit some bars after the rehearsal dinner. One thing I noted from this other groomsman was that he seemed almost jealous that I could remain so calm and non-homicidal with access to weapons. Of course, he wasn't even comfortable with the 3" lockback knife I carry.
He was really amazed that a lot of people don't even notice or care when I open carry. He assumed that anyone who saw me with a gun would be as alarmed as he was. I didn't tell him that the tux shop folks were so used to folks carrying that they simply sigh and ask people to take the gear off when they take their measurements (of course, they pretty much assume that it's the military guys or LEOs that carry, but they don't care who it is, just that it gets in the way of accurate measurements).
It's always amazing how scared the sheep can be when confronted by the fact that some people will provide for their own defense.


Anonymous said...

You ask us to give you the benefit of the doubt that you're not a gun wielding wacko, but then you write this stuff that is truly very frightening. Why should we not be scared of you and you're guns when you're foaming at the mouth to use them in self-defense?

Drew said...

I don't ask you to give me the benefit of the doubt on anything. You, of course, are probably well aware of that.