Saturday, May 19, 2007

Suspension of disbelief

The more contemporary fiction I read, watch, or hear, the less I want to. In movies, television, and novels, the people with guns are almost invariably the cops or the bad guys. Sometimes a cop is a bad guy, but he is taken down by the heroic cops he works with. And the guns, no matter how accurately they may be portrayed, fall into one of four categories: pistol, shotgun, assault rifle (usually portrayed as automatic, even when the gun is a semi-auto), or sniper rifle (any hunting rifle, anything with a never matters whether the scope is a 2x or a 10x, it's a sniper rifle). Even the folks who get everything right, even matching the correct calibers to various guns, seem to have trouble putting those guns into the hands of private individuals.
I may just be reading the wrong authors, of course, or just highlighting the wrong ones in my memory. It just bothers me how easily we accept the media portrayal of guns being just for cops and bad guys. The suspension of disbelief is broken in my mind, since I wonder why there's no good guy with a concealed pistol (or an openly carried one, for that matter).


AlanDP said...

I think the prejudice against common folk with guns is too great for that to happen again. We'll have to content ourselves with old westerns and reruns of Death Wish.

Drew said... least we still have those (until they decide we would be too easily swayed by them).