Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sheep dances with wolves?

Kevin Costner apparently feels that an old hand-me-down shotgun makes him an expert on gun laws. He says that we need more gun laws. Y'know, since the ones we have lower crime so well. Of course, his heirloom seems like a safe one, and he can probably afford to be protected, anyway.
Last I checked, England, Australia, and Canada are all accepting immigrants if you want to live somewhere that outlaws self-defense.
I do have to agree with him on one point, though: "But, even though with the connection that I have to my gun, can I look at the Nra (National Rifle Association) and say, `I think you're out of line?' I can say that."
I can say it, too. They are far too willing to sell out gun rights. Of course, I don't think that's what Mr. Costner was getting at.
(Hat tip to War on Guns for pointing me to this one.)

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Anonymous said...

They don't accept immigrants as readily as you might think. It's done a point system that's designed to protect their social system. It's rather unfortunate, because I'd be out of here in two seconds if it were just that easy.