Wednesday, May 02, 2007

New York mentality is contagious?

It's amazing how easily one can slip into delusions of safety. This woman, assuming her story is true, went from armed all the time to disarmed and loving it. Of course, from the sound of it, she was among some who may have pushed it a little far. Her boyfriend, who "relished the feeling of imminent danger" and wore a tactical baton and mace at all times may not have been the best influence, especially with his reasoning for choosing the aisle seat ("in case someone busts in and attacks us"). Also, her description of an AK with a "30 round drum" and a "rapid-fire mechanism" may show a lack of knowledge, as 30 round mags aren't generally in drum form. And what sort of rapid-fire mechanism did he have on it, since she said she squeezed the trigger? (And I'll ignore the comparison of recoil between a .44 and a .45, since she just wanted to say it for effect.)

She says that guns feel dangerous and weird to her now. She mentions her acute awareness of her mortality as a reason not to carry. If she finds herself victimized, that awareness will certainly grow more acute, and it will seem a good reason to have a gun. It'll be too late, though. She sounds happy as a sheep, though. No longer worried that she may have to shoot she only has to worry about whether they shoot, stab, or rape her.
There's a well-known saying in the pro-gun world: "It's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it." I understand why that makes sense — as long as it's referring to umbrellas and tampons. As for a gun, I've come to believe that not having it and not feeling like I need it is, by far, the best way to be.
What about fire extinguishers or seatbelts? Or would you rather believe that it's better to not feel like there's a risk of a fire or car accident? Of course not. Why, then, would you willingly give up another readily available safety device?

Oh, and one more note: "the entire family cleaning their guns together" is the sort of activity I wholeheartedly endorse. People don't talk over dinner much these days, so a bit of wholesome family togetherness isn't uncalled for.


Hammer said...

I read her article and I call B.S.

She is trumping up her experiences to gain credibility in order to discredit gun owners as kooks.

Just because she "feels" safe doesn't mean she is. Isn't just like a liberal.

" I feel this way...and anyone who doesn't is an idiot."

Drew said...

I figured she was fictionalizing things, but whatever the case, she has that classic liberal mentality.