Tuesday, May 01, 2007

It's my own damned fault.

Well, I've had my first encounter with a repeated troll on this blog. I logged in today and had comments on several postings, most of them saying things that were poorly thought out. I was told I was the sort of person who shouldn't own a gun, that I could snap at any time, and that I am paranoid.
Well, I looked through the stats to see where this guy came in from, and found that I sent him here myself. You see, I use M*Sp*ce to keep in touch with friends. I sometimes use its blog feature. I included a link to this blog, which sent me my troll. Oddly enough, I think it very well may have been the guy who occasionally trolls there.

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Hammer said...

I started getting them too. That's what I get for using my normal handle when posting comments where moonbats like to hang out.