Thursday, May 31, 2007


I find myself becoming more and more of a multi-holster guy. At one point in my life, I had wanted to have a holster that would be appropriate for almost any situation, and rely on only that holster. Dumb idea. I have a fantastic concealed carry holster, the QwikClip (Crossbreed), which can be adjusted for crossdraw, FBI cant, or something very close to most SoB (Small of Back, not the other SOB) holsters. I use it in FBI cant. I have an Uncle Mike's nylon IWB that I use when I feel I'll need to take the gun off too often. I have an Uncle Mike's belt holster that I had hoped to use for both strong side and crossdraw. It doesn't actually work for crossdraw and it feels kind of cheap (because it is). I use it for open carry strong side at an FBI cant. And I'll get a decent crossdraw holster one of these days. And, quite possibly, a good OC strong side holster.
And I'll use them all.

What I really need, though, is a nice 1911 with a good leather holster to keep her in. It could be my dress gun. No offense to my XD, but she looks very "service." While I am generally pragmatic, I want an excuse to get a good 1911.

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Hammer said...

Uncle mikes reversible IWB is my favorite. Six bucks..can't beat it.

I had my 1911 in some nice Bianchi high ride pancake style and it worked really well.