Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Warning Signs

Not to be too obsessive about the Virginia Tech shooting, but I'm also tired of the talk of "warning signs." Oh, he wrote some weird stuff? Not really an arrestable offense. The implication her is that they'll trample two Constitutional rights for a bit of safety. He shouldn't have been free to write whatever bizarre stuff he wrote, they seem to say. Well, let's go arrest Stephen King. His writing is obviously a warning sign.
Give me a break. Yeah, you feel like you missed a sign that the kid would go nuts. Nothing could've been done. Forcing him into counseling wouldn't have prevented this. Someone forced into therapy gains damned little from it. And we can't arrest someone for writing something a little psychotic. Hell, if H.P. Lovecraft had gone on a killing spree, I'm sure the Cthulhu mythos would've been a warning sign to some.
If you want to take some blame, feel bad that you didn't rush him. Feel bad that you didn't fight to retain the right to bear arms. Don't get depressed that you missed the warning signs.


Anonymous said...

Look at what counseling did for you. You are the warning signs.

Drew said...

Yes, I'm sure that self-esteem counseling back in high school makes me seem like I'm about to snap.

Seriously, though, you come on here trying to provoke me, and you claim that I am the one with problems?