Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Pledge

I got it from The War on Guns, though it has been passed around a bit. It's a good pledge (here's a certificate, if you want something for that empty frame you've got lying around).
In recognition of THOMAS JEFFERSON'S admonition that The price of freedom
is eternal vigilance, and the propensity for governments to abuse their
warrants, I solemnly swear my allegiance The United States of America. I
specifically swear that I will oppose any initiative to place foreign armies
within our borders, including United Nations forces.
I here swear upon my honor that I WILL USE ANY MEANS NECESSARY, including
violence, to eliminate any such presence, and those responsible for its
sponsorship. So Help me God.

At the same time, I may as well state that I also swear to fight tyranny from within. Of course, this is a little fuzzier, what with the amount of tyranny we already endure. I will not live in a world in which Americans can no longer own guns. Of course, this is partially due to the dramatic decrease in my life expectancy when they came to get them.

While I'm here, sorry about the decreased activity around here lately. Comcast has been pretty frustrating, dishing out random disconnects at inopportune moments. They refuse to take responsibility for it, and it's been a little struggle to argue with them. Also, I've been busy. Sorry.

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