Tuesday, April 24, 2007


This comes from Joe's Crabby Shack. It's the same sort of thing a lot of folks have been saying for a long time, but he condenses it to these three simple, meaningful words: Just. One. Person.
Either you take responsibility for yourself or you give in to the herd. Either way, sometimes, it's Just. One. Person. who has to do or die. I take responsibility for my own defense, and, if necessary, the defense of others. If you won't take reponsibility, the weight of that decision may come back to haunt you. Maybe you protect 30+ students, maybe you protect your family, or maybe you just protect yourself. In any case, you make a difference as Just. One. Person.

It's time to get rid of our collectivist mentality and recognize that everyone is Just. One. Person.


Anonymous said...

Some might see this as a threat. You've already given us all of the warning signs. I hope someone has the courage to stop you.

Drew said...

Yeah, you know who will see it as a threat? Those who wish to do me harm. And I'm okay with them feeling a bit threatened. Maybe they'll think twice.