Saturday, March 10, 2007

When I was a kid...

Well, since both Blogonomicon and When your only tool is a hammer... did it, I figure I may as well do the join the when I was a kid meme. I'm a little young, and I led a boring life, but here goes:
When I was a kid, I taught myself to read out of sheer frustration. Then, more frustration ensued when I started school and they tried to teach reading in their slow manner. Frustration has followed me ever since.
When I was a kid, I attended an elementary school with about 30 students. There were two classrooms: K-2 in one, 3-5 in the other. It's closed now.
When I was a kid (5th grade or so by this point), I was talking to the neighbor kid near my little sister's teeball tee, and he decided to swing at the ball. He missed, but he caught me in the eyebrow. I walked inside for a bandage while he hyperventilated. My mother then decided I needed to go get stitches. The kid didn't come back to the house for about a month.
When I was a kid (younger again...I don't do chronological (or any logical, for that matter) order), I would wander around the woods, only to be in a bit of trouble when I decided to come back. My parents apparently didn't think I should wander off without telling them.
When I was a kid (like 8, I think), I was already a bit defiant. My parents decided to ground me by making me go to my room and not play with toys. I told them that they could take away my toys, but not my imagination. And I sat there on my bed and thought defiantly for the alotted time.
When I was a kid, I had a bow made from vine maple branch and a slingshot made of some other wood and some fairly tough rubber. Neither were horribly accurate, but I practiced until they could hit pretty much what I wanted them to.
When I was a kid, My father and I made two forts made of pressboard and plywood. One was on the ground, and it was sturdy, but small. The other was a tree fort (actually a platform attached at one corner to a tree). It had a kind of weak floor, and it fell over after an earthquake...eventually.
When I was a kid, when there'd be too much cougar activity, we'd have to have recess confined to a closer area to the school. It was fine by me, since I wasn't generally involved in a lot of the activities the other kids were.
When I was a kid, I didn't let anyone know if I was hurt or sick. Things healed pretty quickly, and I didn't want to miss out on anything because I was sick or high school, this had gotten to the point that I burst a tendon and didn't see a doctor until a coach noticed a week or two later. The doctor said it wouldn't heal, but I knew better.
When I was a kid, I tried teaching myself to draw, but my dad said I was wasting my time. I haven't been able to learn to draw since. I also don't share a lot of my writing. I'm not sure any of this is interrelated, but it sticks out in my memory that I had drawn a dragon with a lot of detail, but it had been a waste of time. He always valued hard work that could be used, not art and such.

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