Tuesday, March 27, 2007

West Bank resettlement

It's nice to see that Israelis aren't going to just keep giving up land for nothing, even if their government will.

Of course, the New York Times ignores continued Palestinian aggression and the underlying unwillingness of Palestinians (and the entire Muslim world) to live peacefully in a world that still contains Israel. "How it plays out will be viewed by Palestinians as a sign of whether Israel intends to keep its pledges, or whether settlement activity will continue to proceed unhindered, despite Israel’s promises to halt it." Israel gave up land looking for peace. The Palestinians failed to keep their end of the deal from day one. Now is an appropriate time to take back the land, and this grassroots effort may eventually remind Israel that the country should not continue to make concessions until backed into a corner.

On the plus side, NYT wasn't nearly as openly hostile to Israel as usual.

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