Tuesday, March 27, 2007

More letters to an editor

Well, the last post was kind of fun, so here's another set of letters.

"But when you're facing a loaded gun, getting held up by a 14-year-old kid, what's the difference? Too late has just arrived." You're all too right. That's why you should carry. When a 14-year-old tries to threaten you, he'll wet himself when he finds you have the means to defend yourself. And you can "understand people using rifles and shotguns for hunting and sport," you say? Well, you obviously can't understand the 2nd Amendment. Hunting and sport aren't mentioned at all. The "right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." Also, you might want to keep in mind that, for all your cries of "for the children," you seem quick to forget how often a firearm protects them. Also, your example mentioned the father of the kid getting the gun "off the street." Legal restrictions wouldn't really do much about illegal guns.

The questions as to whether any other country would bend over backwards to welcome illegal immigrants are the same ones I've long asked. There's not a lot to add here, but it's good to see the paper print this letter.

I don't have a lot to say about stereotypes like that mascot. I'm not overly familiar with its antics, but I'm nearly certain it wasn't viewed as representative of ANY actual Native Americans. But, hey, we need to be extra careful about that. Wouldn't want to seem insensitive, would we? It's not like the government money going to the reservations is wasted. Sovereign nations within our own? Supported by my tax dollars and their casinos, which are generally illegal outside the res? Yeah, that sounds like good use of money. We'd better be sure not to offend them, or they'll get mad. (Mind you, their actual historical culture is fascinating. It's just the current situation that ticks me off.)

Yes, our military is all-volunteer, and they know what they've signed up for. I wish more people would realize that. Of course, people like Watada, who signed up for the college money, would have us believe otherwise.

I may have to make these letters to the editor a regular event. They're kind of fun.

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Hammer said...

Great letters and I agree totally.

Since when have people gained the right not to be offended?

Like those people who want every town or landmark with the word "sqaw" changed to something else becuase it's supposedly the indian equivalent of "C**t"

I with these busybodies wold go pound salt.