Wednesday, March 14, 2007

For the Children

It turns out New York isn't just trying to stomp on the Constitution. They really are just that confused. The council has now decided to ban the use of metal bats in high school baseball.
The council was swayed by the touching story of the kid who was killed by a line drive off of a metal bat. Were there statistics and other data? Probably, but it also probably all came from one side of the issue. They decided it was time to do something to protect the children, and they made damned sure it was something minor enough to pass but big enough to get a little attention. Are any of the council members baseball or physics experts? I doubt it. They were touched by a story, and they acted according to their emotions.
I know some of you are probably wondering why this bat ban bothers me. It's yet another completely unnecessary law driven by emotional drivel. If metal bats are so dangerous, the high school sports associations will ban them. City, county, state, or federal laws should not be necessary to tell everyone what kind of bat to use. And these laws are a waste of not only time, but money. They'll require enforcement, and the schools will need to spend money to change over to wooden bats...until someone decides that the splinters are dangerous, and forces a switch back to metal.
Sure, the ban doesn't change anything for me. Sure, it doesn't take anyone's Constitutional rights. It's government meddling, and it annoys me. And it shows the Council's willingness to protect the children from any threat, real or imagined.

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