Monday, February 19, 2007

Zumbo fiasco

I'm sure most people who care have already heard about the Zumbo fiasco. I was going to avoid posting about it, but Outdoor Life decided to remove his blog for awhile. This could be a quick fix to appease sponsors such as Remington who have denounced Zumbo fairly thoroughly, especially with their wallets. If it's not, though, they've removed both his original post and the apology, probably in an attempt to save the few subscriptions people weren't withdrawing (links courtesy of War on Guns). Their little message doesn't even address anyone's concerns (besides saying they support 2A rights). They simply pulled him because of the "controversy." In other words, they saw the fecal matter hitting the oscillator and grabbed an umbrella.
A few of the highlights of his post really stick out for me. He mentions the creation of tackdriver "assault rifles" as though it's a bad thing. Last I checked, accuracy was one of the things most hunters looked for in guns. An accurate, easily converted, fairly light rifle is a good hunting rifle, whether it has an old wood stock or the "evil black gun" look to it. ARs and the like are versatile, since you can quickly and easily convert them for whatever use you need just by changing uppers. If I weren't nearly broke right now, I'd like to build a decent AR, since I really don't have a decent homeland defense rifle at the moment.
I'll admit that my deer rifle is a Remington 7400, with the wood stock and all the other things that look like a traditional hunting rifle (though a semi-auto, which Zumbo might not like), but it's not because I have a problem with what others use. I use it because I have it. It also means something to me, since it was my Granddad's rifle (I never did figure out why I was the one to get it, but it was left to me specifically as a deer rifle, so that's what I'll use unless it breaks down or something).

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DirtCrashr said...

I also received one of my Grandad's rifles. He was poor and it was the Depressionm and to feed the family he hunted with an ex-military .30-40 Krag-Jorgenson, sorta the black-rifle of its day - at lest in the 1930's.
I doubt Zumbo would have given my Gandad the time of day.