Friday, February 02, 2007

Better ban screwdrivers

Look at one of the sentences in a Fox News report about a stabbing: "Kevin Mair of Plantation walked into his classroom at Atlantic Technical Center using a cane and sound-blocking headphones similar to those used in a gun range, said Officer Anthony Avello of the Coconut Creek Police Department." He stabs people with a screwdriver, but the cop can't just say he was wearing hearing protection. Nope, those earmuffs were similar to those people use on gun ranges.
Three people were stabbed and the guy fled (he was later apprehended). No one could adequately defend against a screwdriver, apparently. I'm guessing this tech school had rules against concealed carry.
The kicker, to me, is that he expected a business class to drop everything and teach some black history, it seems. Yes, he was agitated about an overall lack of black history, but it was a tech school. They teach trades, not history. Your local community college may have an entire department dedicated to African-American studies, but the tech school had better drop their curriculum for a month, or someone's getting stabbed with a screwdriver. The man must have all sorts of problems for that to make sense.

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