Tuesday, January 16, 2007

WA gun bills

I generally don't cover WA politics too much, since I don't know if anyone in the state reads this, but there are a few gun bills worthy of some attention (I'd like to thank Heartless Libertarian for reminding me that WashingtonVotes is a good place to post comments and read short bill summaries).

HB 1014 calls for mandatory safe storage of firearms. In other words, you yell to anyone breaking in that you'll need a second to open the gun safe. The penalty for noncompliance is up to a year in jail and/or a fine of up to $5,000.
HB 1026 would close the "gun show loophole." Y'know, that pesky ability of a private citizen to sell firearms at a gun show rather than letting the dealers make all the money. I can't sell a gun I own at a gun show, which is meant to be exactly the place for that?
HB 1126 would wave the late fee for CPL renewal for military personnel serving out of state at the time of expiration. I shouldn't have to tell you why you should support a bill like this.
SB 5197 is the Senate "gun show loophole" bill. An important note is the committee it went to. Rather than going to the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is where it belongs, it went to the Senate Labor, Commerce, Research and Development Committee, where anti-gun Dems have thorough control. In the Judiciary Committee, there's a pro-gun Dem and some GOP to strike it down. And, you know, things like the Constitution.

Here's hoping reason rules the day...or at least that only HB 1126 passes.

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