Friday, January 19, 2007

MySpace isn't a great parent, it seems

Ah, lawsuits. Myspace is getting sued for negligence and fraud, apparently. Kids who are 14 and 15 don't have parental influences and supervision, and that is MySpace's fault. The website automatically sets their spaces to private unless they lie about their age. Even if they do, they can still change the setting to private. It warns repeatedly that you should never give out any personal information, and reminds users that not everyone is necessarily who they say they are.
Did MySpace give sexual predators too much information? Should MySpace be constantly monitoring messages sent through the site, just in case someone gives out too much info? Maybe ISPs are to blame. After all, they allow that information to get to the internet.
Did the parents of these children ever show any interest in their online activities? If they had, they might have seen that the children were giving out too much info. They could have talked to them or even just blocked MySpace.
What's next, suing malls and parks because sexual predators might walk into those places? Suing AOL because their instant messenger is an easy way to contact children? Suing the schools for not parenting children well enough? When do parents have to start accepting some responsibility?

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