Monday, January 15, 2007

Mitt Romney pro-gun?

Alan over at Blogonomicon (read it...I'm not going to rehash all of it) pointed out some of the flaws in this article about Romney's sudden change of heart.

Sea of camo? Big gun show? I only see business attire in the picture of the SHOT gun show, a trade show that the public isn't allowed into. Alan, of course, was way ahead of me in pointing that out.

As for the idea that middle America will vote for him because he has suddenly decided to change direction, I hope it blows up in his face. Since he has earned his state posts by being vehemently anti-gun, it would be nice to see his constituents keep him from ever holding another state office after a failed bid for the Presidency.

As for the NRA fawning all over him, it's no real surprise. They love the publicity and they really haven't been the staunchest defenders of the Second Amendment for a good while now. They've pushed for compromises and trigger locks a bit too much to be trusted.

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