Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Equalizer

Anti-gunners often have you believe that guns are dangerous weapons only thugs use. They tell you to call the police and either run or defend yourself with sticks, oven spray, or baseball bats. For this man, any of those could easily have meant his death. When you're elderly and stuck in a wheelchair, you'll be outrun and overpowered. Unless, of course, you have a gun. Which he did. He was able to shoot the intruder, a man he didn't recognize, critically wounding him and eliminating the threat.

There are many other stories just like this one. Would you deny the disabled and the elderly the one best way to defend themselves? And would you deny the able-bodied the means to defend themselves? After all, no matter who you are, a gun is a better defense than a bat or golf club.

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