Friday, January 19, 2007

Ah, the wit of liberals

Again, War on Guns has provided quite a story.

Ted Nugent performed using "machine guns as props." Real ones, fake ones, loaded, unloaded, actually full-auto, just scary looking? Depneding on the answers, it might have been an interesting show.

He wore a shirt with a Confederate flag. We've been over how I feel about that. We still haven't shocked or upset me.

Shouted "offensive remarks about non-English speakers." Like asking them to speak the language of the country they live in? Still not offended.

"This would normally be the place we'd insert a smart-aleck remark about the celebrity in question ... if we weren't afraid the celebrity in question would hunt us down and kill us." Yes, you think you're witty, don't you?

"They're lucky the Nuge didn't get out the crossbow and flaming arrows, release some wild boars, and provide the evening's fresh meal right then and there." That would have delayed the meal far too long, not to mention been kind of messy. The hunt could have happened outdoors and beforehand, though. Oh, wait, that's your butterknife-sharp wit again.

"Nugent, a hunting and gun-rights advocate, couldn't be reached for comment Thursday because he was out trying to kill stuff, a spokeswoman said. The word she actually used was 'hunting.'" No, really, tell us how you feel about hunting. Oh, and did you know that we humans, as omnivores, should eat meat with our veggies? That meat isn't peeled off of a live animal, causing no lasting harm, you know.

I still haven't been shocked or appalled by the behavior this article describes. Ah, well, I guess I just don't get liberalism.

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DirtCrashr said...

What's the big deal? Vegetarians hunt and kill plants all the time?