Thursday, September 07, 2006

A turning point in the media war?

After watching Papa Bear, I switched over to to CNN Headline News. The guy, I don't know who it is, was pushing for a harder line against Iran. Wait a second. Did I just say that CNN was pushing for a harder line? Has the conservatives actually won the media war? They have been doing well. Fox News is the most watched news channel (I know they aren't really that conservative, but compared to the other ultra-left channels, I am going to call Fox News conservative). I was confused by this until I remembered it is an election year. Today the left is trying to look more aggressive against terrorism. The only thing I am confused on is why they are doing this.

They are trying to make the War on Terror a central theme in this election, and in 08. They also get killed each time they do this. They can attack the president on Iraq, on a good economy that is good, but people think is bad, but they cannot touch the GOP on terrorism. They need to back down, and focus on the things they can attack, not the things that kill them.

Let's put this in context

I am watching 360 on CNN today, waiting for Papa Bear O'Reilly. As I'm sure everybody knows, today the US gave control of the Iraqi Navy, Air Force, and one division of the Army over to the Iraqi government. CNN decided to "put this in context." Their interpretation of this event is that it is meaningless, Iraqi will fall, Bush is evil, ect... I would like to thank CNN for being so honest. Is this not the event that liberals have been saying hasn't happened, but must? Isn't this what liberals have been saying would be actual progress? At some point they are going to need to admit that progress is being made... Wait. They will keep on spinning everything that comes out of Iraq. They are no longer willing to just ignore the good news; now they need to turn the good into bad.