Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Liberal Fascism

fas·cism or Fas·cism: any movement, tendency, or ideology that favors dictatorial government, centralized control of private enterprise, repression of all opposition.

Modern fascism has found a new home here in Washington. Today, the government has decided that smoking is not allowed within 25 feet of any window, or door, regardless if the establishment is public or private, so long as it has employees. This not only limits the ability to create niche markets, but it moves us one step closer to having the government control our lives. The government is dictating our behavior by controlling private enterprises, and repressing all opposition.

Smoking kills people, but why is the government kicking people out of society; we should just let society do it. If so many people are unable to be around smokers, non-smoking bars would be able to flourish. Instead of having the government ban smokers from public, people should allow smokers to have their spot in society, and allow non-smokers their spot as well. There is no reason these two groups of people cannot co-exist.

I cannot turn on a TV with out seeing commercials warning people of the dangers of smoking. Every commercial break there are “kissing a smoker is just plain gross” ads blaring in my face. Why does the government only allow anti-smoking messages on TV? Why are they repressing the tobacco companies’ message? The answer is simple. The liberal fascists are worried that people might begin to believe that smokers are just people, not the animals they are made out to be. Smokers are not inherently dirty creatures; they are normal people. The question remains: Why have the liberal fascists spent their time and money to make smokers into evil personified?
The answer is staring us right in the face. The smoking ban will lead to more extreme government control. Already “fragrance free” zones are appearing. How long will it be before it is illegal for people to wear perfume or cologne? When will the government start banning other substances which people are allergic to? One of the most common, and serious, allergies is caused by nuts. When will the government outlaw peanuts from public? This is not a slippery slope argument. Twenty years ago who could imagine a world where smoking was outlawed within twenty-five feet from a building?

Now I901 did not pass itself. Who, you might ask, would be willing to vote for another move closer to fascism. The answer was you and I. I901 was approved by the voters. Much like the voters in Nazi Germany who elected Hitler, we are moving our state closer to the warm embrace of authoritarian government.

Today we hear the left complain about how President Bush is taking away our liberties in order to fight the terrorists. There are valid complaints here, but they should look at themselves, see how they are using the government to force their own ideas down peoples’ throats, before being too harsh on their opponents. Today we live in a liberal fascist state, where the government decides what we can say, do and think, and I am mad as hell.


Anonymous said...

This is a comment made a little too late but in the nearby city of San Francisco, smoking is outlawed in all areas of Golden Gate Park. Fines start at $100. The city tried outlawing handguns but fortunately, that was struck down.

Anonymous said...

Just realized this wasn't Drew who posted this...