Tuesday, August 08, 2006

BBQ Politics

Last night I went back down to Tenino for a BarBQ at my buddy Ryan St.Jean's house. Good food and good friends made for a good Saturday night. As always the discussion quickly turned to politics. Iraq, Israel, Korea, etc. We started talking about a study which found that 1/3 of Americans believe that Bush was behind 9-11. One of the girls there, Syd, was a believer of these conspiracy theories. She cited the discredited "Loose Change" as evidence. St.Jean and I started to attack her position. Finally after being torn apart, she said, "Well, you guys are just stupid." We asked her why she believed that Bush was behind the attacks and she responded, "Well, I just hate Bush." Her entire belief that Bush committed the worst attack on America was based on the fact that she doesn't like him.
St.Jeans sister Megan was in attendance at the BarBQ. She is 21, married to Dane who is fresh out of the Marine Corp and worked in a kindergarten while in going to to school. One day it was time for lunch when one of the kids, remember these kids are 5-6 years old, said to her, "I want to move to Italy so I can kill Americans (I have no idea why he wanted to go to Italy, but that's what he said)." Megan was shocked. He husband was off in Iraq and some kid had just said just about the worse thing she had ever heard. Guess what she did. She stared right back at the kid and said, "Right now my husband is out there, protecting our freedoms, and the freedoms that each person ought to have. You sit there and think about how lucky you are to be an American." After that, she didn't allow talking during lunch. Instead she had the kids think about how lucky they were to be Americans.
It is amazing to see to what extent the left used the media to brainwash the young. Megan's story didn't take place in a ultra-left wing city... It happened in Idaho. The leftist media has convinced people all over the nation that: Bush is evil and must be hated, and that the only good American is a dead American. The left should be ashamed. While I am receiving emails from my friends emails from my friends entitled "Bye friends, going back to Iraq again," the left is shooting them in the back.
Our thoughts and prayers at with Corporal TJ Sjostrom, Marine Air Support Squadron 3, and his wife, Cheryl. Keep your head down buddy.

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Anonymous said...

It's a far stretch to label the media as "liberal." It just shows how much you've been brainwashed too. Pathetic since you consider yourself a free and active thinker. The media is about as liberal as the Clintons. The Clintons are NOT liberal at all and are more similar to the conservative leaders than you think. Our entire perspective is way off since we've been poisoned into thinking that these democrats are liberal when they are far from it. Dennis Kucinich is liberal and his ideas are hardly supported in the media. This "leftist" media did not tarnish Bush's legacy, he did it himself.