Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Month with Illegals

UPDATE: Frank (the Minuteman) has responded to the show here. In case you weren't already sure that editing had adjusted his perceived views, he makes it clear.
I couldn't help myself...I had to watch the Morgan Spurlock show about a Minuteman spending 30 days living with illegals. Yeah, it was a crock. We see repeated examples of how life is hard for them, and that makes it okay for them to be here. A girl has studied hard and wants to go to Princeton. With a 3.8 GPA, she doesn't get in, though she will get to go to college (probably on our dime). The family lives in a tiny apartment, despite there being 7 of them. Life in Mexico was even worse. They do hard work that Americans can't do, since Americans have trouble getting an employer to pay less than minimum wage.
Some of the things you may have missed in looking at this illegal family: there were several TVs in the apartment, and probably cable...I don't have cable, and I have one TV (I watched the show at a friend's apartment); they had a Playstation 2, which isn't free (and I'm guessing they had a lot of good games, too); they had a computer, internet, and a printer (this might be useful, but don't complain to me that you are crammed into a tiny apartment when it has all the amenities); the only one speaking English fairly consistently was the girl trying to be as American as she could be (though arguing that she and her family should be here illegally); the Minuteman's flight from Cuba was just as traumatic as any experience they had, but his family still did it legally; INS probably won't be tracking that family down, despite their repeated admissions of being here illegally on national TV.
Yeah, they had a hard life in Mexico. So do a lot of other Mexicans, but some of them try to get here legally. It's not fair to them to have people sneaking over, essentially not waiting their turn. We need to build the wall, streamline the legal immigration process, and crack down on illegals. I would hope that the Minuteman that was on the show hasn't lost sight of reality now.

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