Sunday, July 30, 2006

Give War a Chance

The other day I saw a bumper sticker which made me stop and think. It simply said, "Give War A Chance." Why not? Peace hasn't worked very well. The peace movement is a fairly recent development. While its starting date is not relevant, some claim it started after WWII, but I would contend that it started as a reaction to WWI, what does matter is its highly idealized world view.

The Pacifism Movement has called for an end of war through the use of diplomacy, which is a great idea. Would it not be wonderful if the world could solve its issues through discussion rather than physical coercion? There is only one problem... It doesn't work.

The League of Nations was a classic example of the failure of international diplomacy. After the creation of the League in Paris Peace Conference of 1919, it started trying to police the world using non-militaristic means. In short, it failed to an extreme extent. Its failure can be directly associated to its failure to use military force. By refusing to intervene militarily it doomed the world to another world war which could have been prevented by limited pre-emptive aggression.

Today the United Nations has taken the role of peace maker, and like the League of Nations, has failed. While it has brought peace to certain places, it has done so through "peacekeeping missions." In other words, the international group meant to solve the world’s problems and conflicts has found that the only way to achieve its goals is to use military force.

Military force is only thing many people in the world understand. In a world where Islamic fascism flourishes diplomacy is doomed to fail. Appeasement has never worked, and never will work. All it does is give the aggressor time to gain more strength. Force must be met with force. in other words, lets give war a chance. It may be our last, best hope.

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